Dr Sankar TSR Mohanaselvan

M.B.,B.S., D.Ac., (China), D.S.Ac., (Moscow), C.BERM (Germany), QBF (AB, USA) 

    He currently holds the following positions:
    • National Head, International Sujok Association, (ISA) India
    • Secretary, International Sujok Association, (Global)
    • President, Sujok Academy of India since 1993

Dr. Sankar TSR Mohanaselvan is a General Physician, Acupuncturist, Professor in Sujok, and President of Sujok Academy of India with over 39 years of practice.

He graduated in 1983 from Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.

  • He was one of the earliest medical doctors to undergo formal Acupuncture schooling in China, receiving a Diploma in Acupuncture from the Beijing China International Acupuncture Training Centre, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1987.
  • He was the first Indian medical doctor to receive the Diploma in Sujok Acupuncture degree from Kiev, Ukraine, USSR in 1992

Following this, he was appointed as the first professor of Sujok in India. He later went on to get certified in Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine from Basel, Switzerland in 1994 and in Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll(EAV) from Munich, Germany in 1998.

In the following couple of years, he took part in the Advanced Course in Sujok in Moscow, Russia in 1998 and Advanced Course in Onnuri Medicine in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1999 and did a certification in Electro Medicine in Kidnau, Switzerland in 2002.

His thirst for knowledge took him to the United States of America where he became an NBCB American Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist in Los Angeles, California and took an Advanced Certificate Course in Quantum Biofeedback in 2005. After a brief break from academics and only concentrating on his roaring practice, he went back to the USA to get certified in Prolozone Therapy & Ozone Therapy from Nevada in 2013.

Dr Sathya. M. Selvan, graduated from Madurai Medical College in 1989 and joined Family medical practice in 1991 and practicing since 24 years. Completed Diploma in Family Health in 2003.

Dr Sathya Mohanaselvan M.B.B.S