Live Blood Analysis Test

This approach uses a scientific method to analyze samples of blood, urine and saliva to reveal the nature of the unique biological terrain for each individual. The method of Live Blood Analysis has revolutionized integrated medicine practice.

In mainstream medicine Blood and tissue samples are analysed not "LIVE" but after preparing them with proper chemical and we see them in a non-living state.

In Live blood analysis we will be able to see the RBCs and WBCs live and moving around. It will be a beautiful scene to see our own microworld live which can throw light on many body parameters including the state of our immune system.

Live Blood Analysis

  • The pH or acid-alkaline balance, the redox potential or relative amount of free radicals, and the resistance or mineral content defines biological terrain in the human.
  • The Live Blood analysis along with measurement of Urine and Salivary pH and some of the blood biochemical parameters combined give us a clear understanding of the Biological terrain.
  • The integrity of the Body terrain is considered very important because this parameter is the one which prevents or helps the pathogenic organisms to thrive in the body.
  • This test is done in the hospital using a sophisticated laboratory microscope linked to a computer.
  • The results are interpreted and explained in detail to the clients.
  • The video of the Live Blood are recorded to compare it with the results of future tests to get a pre and post treatment effect which the clients can see and appreciate visually.


What information can we get from BTA?
  • Level of acidity of the cells and fluids of the body
  • Blood alkalinity as a compensation for tissue acidity
  • Tendency of the blood to thicken and become sticky
  • Ability of the kidneys to excrete acids and other waste products
  • Ability of the cells to produce energy
  • Free radical activity in the body
  • Mineral deficiencies or excesses in the body
  • Digestive enzyme deficiency or efficiency
  • Sufficient anti-oxidants in the body
  • Candida or dysbiosis
  • Liver toxicity
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Dehydration
  • Immune system breakdown
  • Tendency towards degenerative disease
Who can take this Test?

Every single individual can undergo this regardless of their health status to identify the aberrations in the blood which can give us an insight into possible future complications of diseases as well as some of the causes of present illness the individual is suffering from.

What is the duration of the Test and when will the Report be ready?
The test takes about 5 minutes from pricking the finger till mounting on the microscope. The doctor will analyze the images live which the client can also see in the big LED screen. Reports can be got immediately after the analysis.
How is this Test Done?

A fresh drop of blood is taken on a slide and mounted on a microscope without any added staining mechanism.

The living blood cells are visualized in real-time which reveals:

  • The nature of the rbc, activity of wbcs
  • Nature of platelets
  • Micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi in the blood
  • Undigested food particles
  • Cholesterol crystals, toxic load and ph of the blood
Unlike in the conventional system where the cells are killed by staining, this live blood analysis gives us lots of information about the true nature of the body terrain.
Can the Test diagnose a Disease? What is different from the conventional blood test?

It cannot diagnose an individual disease but we can understand the possible causes of the existing pathology to a greater extent which cannot be revealed with the conventional blood analysis. In a conventional blood test, nothing is seen live.

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