Prolozone is a novel, Non-Surgical Procedure to restore damaged joint by injecting ozone and nutrients like Dextrose and B Complex into the joint space to restore damaged tissues.

This Treatment prevents knee replacement. There are NO STEROIDS USED.

Its a day-care procedure requiring few minutes to complete. There is no downtime, clients can restore normal day to day activities immediately after the procedure.

It is done under local anaesthetic spray so that there is no pain during or after the procedure.

Diseases Treated
How does Treatment help?
The Benefits/Wellness
The Procedures
About Prolozone
Diseases Treated
  • Osteoarthritis Knee
  • Periarthritis Shoulder
  • Heel Pain/Plantar fasciitis
  • Tennis Elbow/ Epicondylitis
  • Ankle joint pain
  • Lumbar Spondylosis
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Small joint arthritis
  • Hip joint arthritis
  • Myofascial trigger points
  • TMJ
  • Coccydynia
  • All joints/Muscular/Facia pains
How does Treatment help?
The combination of ingredients including local anesthetic and micronutrients along with ozone gas when inducted into the joint space inflammatory pain reduce immediately and the ozone and micronutrients help in triggering the natural healing process, stimulating the release of growth factors, improving the joint lubrication and improves the degenerative changes giving comfort to the patient and repaired the injured tissue.
The Benefits/Wellness

This is a non-surgical, very simple procedure, cost-effective and gives reasonably good results in the majority of the patients even in last stages of Osteoarthritis. THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR JOINT REPLACEMENT. This procedure takes a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes and is relatively Painless. No admission required more of a daycare procedure. No need for Bed rest after the procedure done for surgery to get a perfect aseptic area.

The Procedures
The Injection location is first cleaned thoroughly as being. The Prolo which is a combo of Dextrose, B- Vitamins, Marine Plasma and an anesthetic agent is injected into the joint space followed by ozone gas about 10 ml in a specific combination is injected. No need for any dressing or immobilization.

The patient can immediately start walking or doing routine work.
The procedure takes about a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes including the cleaning and following aseptic procedure.
About Prolozone

Prolozone is an excellent method of treatment using a combination of Nutrients (liquid) and Ozone (gas) and injected into the damaged and degenerated joints to reverse degenerative changes and bring the functionality back to normal

Prolo means Proliferation.

A combination of ozone with Nutrient ingredients injected into the joints and tissue is called Prolozone treatment.

The major ingredients are Dextrose, B- Vitamins, Marine Plasma and sometime homeopathic anti-inflammatories are added. Steroids are not used.

In the present day scenario where life span of people have considerable increased, the joints especially knee gets worm out and leads to osteoarthritis (OA). This creates severe pain in the knee leading to difficulty in walking, squatting, sitting on the floor, climbing up & down the stairs, interfering with normal day to day activities. Apart from aging, stress, hormonal imbalance and exercise, work load leads the knees and hip joints to worn out easily.

Prolozone helps to regain normalcy in joints, relieve pain, increases functioning of the joints and gives great relief to do all day to day activities. Prolozone can be done in the damaged Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Heel, Ankle, Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, Sacro-Iliac joints. Prolozone can also be used in Scars, Subcutaneous areas around the pain site, “Prolozone can prevent knee replacement surgery”.


What is injected in Prolozone therapy?
  • Prolozone is a combination of “Prolo” therapy and Ozone therapy. “Prolo” comes from “Proliferative Therapy”.
  • Prolotherapy help in the proliferation of the worm out cartilages in the joints increases the lubricating fluids and reduces the inflammation.
  • The combination of ingredients includes “Marine Plasma, Dextrose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Vitamins, B complex & B 12, Folic acid, Procaine, anti-inflammation German product Traumeel or Zeal etc., along with medical grade Ozone.
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Is it Surgery or Injection?
It is absolutely a non-surgical procedure but the Injections are done in a clean operation theatre like environment to assure the absolute aseptic condition
Is it painless and safe?
  • The Procedure is just like taking an injection. Here the advantage is we use a local anaesthetic spray to numb the injection site, so no pain felt.
  • The procedure hardly lasts for about 5 – 10 min. The patient can start walking/working immediately after the injection. No rest period involved. But has to follow the physician’s instruction on physical movements/ exercises.
  • Sometimes supplements are prescribed to sustain and prolong the effectiveness.