QX Test

New age futuristic Quantum based analysis cum treatment is using SCIO-EDUCTOR, the latest Hi-Tech Bio-feedback machine to Diagnosis and treat Physical, Mental, Emotional conditions. The machine does analysis using quantum waves and the analysis is being done in the Subatomic space also called as quantum space.

The treatment is also done in the same Subspace and all the abnormalities and switched back to normalcy with suggestion to maintain health with supplements, Life style changes and suggestion on nutrition and avoidable foods.

This also does the corrections of Chakras and Auras.

The Qx analysis identifies the root cause of the problem. The QX machine gives us suggestions on types of treatment to be done. It also identifies the deficiencies and suggests nutritional support like Vitamins, Amino acids.

Quantum BioFeedback

Quantum Biofeedback is based on the principle of Quantum, a futuristic concept where both diagnosis and correction treatment is done as Biofeedback. Check on the video for details.

The latest state of the art machine Scio-Eductor is used. This machine is FDA approved (USA) for stress reduction. The machine does a very high-speed analysis of about 3,00,000 measurement in 3 minutes at a cell level, the most fundamental building block of our body. It uses one of the advanced medical software. It has been built on advanced research and is the most peer-reviewed
  • The doctor analyses the analytical results and diagnoses the unhealthy spectrum of your body. The correction is initiated through appropriate protocols to bring back to normal healthy cells
  • The diagnosis and the corrections are at the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Nutritional, Hormonal and Spiritual dimensions including AURA & CHAKRA.
  • The Specialty of the treatment is to find out the causes of the most important modern-day problem like “Stress” and do a stress reduction
  • The diagnosis and treatment involve Mind Relaxation, Hormone stabilization, Weight reduction, Emotional balancing, Reverse Ageing, Face Lift, Nutritional deficiency identification, Detoxification, Zapping of the Bacteria, Virus & Fungi, Neurological repairment, correcting digestive disturbances, restoring organ function, and many more.


What information can we get from Quantum Biofeedback test?

Quantum Biofeedback analysis gives us information about our :

  • Energy levels,
  • the status of our brain functions which include special senses status, control functions of our internal organs, Emotional status
  • Cognitive and higher functions of the brain like memory, desire,
  • Creativity,
  • Consciousness,
  • Will power and Endocrine functions,
  • Our immune status,
  • energy blocks in the meridians,
  • Hydration status,
  • Oxygenation status,
  • Cell vitality and anxiety and emotional status.
Who can take this Test?

Every single individual can undergo this regardless of their health status to identify the aberrations in the blood which can give us an insight into possible future complications of diseases as well as some of the causes of present illness the individual is suffering from.

What is the duration of the Test and when will the Report be ready?
Test takes about 90 minutes to 120 minutes when done for the first time. Follow up tests and treatment will take about an hour.
How is this Test Done?
  • The test is done with the patient seated in a comfortable recliner with 4 limb leads attached to the hands and legs and a headband having 8 leads attached to the forehead.
  • First, a handshake called calibration is done for one minute followed by the subspace analysis for 5 minutes done which gives us the Quantum analysis basic report.
  • Based on this further analysis done in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions and corrective measures carried out.

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