Our Diagnostic blood Tests help to identify the aberrations in the blood which can give us an insight into possible future complications of diseases as well as some of the causes of present illness the individual is suffering from.

The Quantum Biofeed Test gives us the Emotional and Mental profile, Neurotransmitters, Risk factors, Organs functional status, Nature of stress factors, Energy profile and the treatments required for restoring health.

The Arterial Stiffness Index Analysis Test tells us about the nature of blood flow in the large, medium and small blood vessels, Pulse pressure, pulse rate and extent and type of blockages in the arteries.
Is being Symptom-free the same as being Disease Free?
  • Symptoms are purely the bodies language to communicate the disease that is brewing inside. Many times the body shows signals or Alarm is the early stages of the disease. Unfortunately most of the time we ignore them as a routine abnormality or discomfort.
  • Later after some time, the body goes into what is called “Adaptation Mode” where it won't show up any alarm or symptom. But during the adaption phase, the progression of the disease continues and finally, it reaches what is called as “Exhaustion Phase”.
  • Here the problem/body comes out of adaption and shows strong symptoms but with progressed disease and advanced pathology. That is why many times life-threatening terminal diseases like Cancer show up only in Stage IV (Four) where stages I& II & III go unnoticed due to the adaptation phase.
  • So just because we don't have symptoms does not mean there is no disease in the body. It's always wise to be proactive and get investigated at regular intervals and follows Preventive health care guidelines.
  • Don't wait for the symptoms to protect yourself.

Read below how several diagnostic tests help to identify the root causes of your health issues.
We recommend that every single individual should undergo periodic diagnostic tests regardless of their health status

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Blood Vessels Types
All Diagnosis
QX-Quantum Biofeedback Test
Resonant Frequency Scanning Test
Live Blood Analysis Test
5 Mins Cardiovascular Status Analysis Test
Metabolic Blood Test
Pathogen Scanning (VIBA) Test
All Diagnosis
QX-Quantum Biofeedback Test
  • New age futuristic Quantum based analysis cum treatment is using SCIO-EDUCTOR, the latest Hi-Tech Bio-feedback machine to Diagnosis and treat Physical, Mental, Emotional conditions. The machine does analysis using quantum waves and the analysis is being done in the Subatomic space also called as quantum space.
  • The treatment is also done in the same Subspace and all the abnormalities and switched back to normalcy with suggestion to maintain health with supplements, Life style changes and suggestion on nutrition and avoidable foods.
  • This also does the corrections of Chakras and Auras.
  • The Qx analysis identifies the root cause of the problem. The QX machine gives us suggestions on types of treatment to be done. It also identifies the deficiencies and suggests nutritional support like Vitamins, Amino acids.
Resonant Frequency Scanning Test
  • Rife therapy is an advanced method of treatment where Resonant sound waves piggybacked on Radio waves generated by a special Plasma Light emission machine are used to Zap the pathogens in the body, influence organ and tissue function, Regenerate cells and tissues, Reduce inflammation, stop degeneration, reduce stress and regulate emotions and mental disturbances.
  • Royal Raymond Rife an American scientist invented this method way back in 1920, unfortunately for various reasons bring into mass utilisation.
  • Modern-day scientists are establishing this type of treatment method and trying to bring it into practice for helping the patients who don't get cured with existing treatment modalities.
Live Blood Analysis Test
  • This approach uses a scientific method to analyze samples of blood, urine and saliva to reveal the nature of the unique biological terrain for each individual. The method of Live Blood Analysis has revolutionized integrated medicine practice.
  • In mainstream medicine Blood and tissue samples are analysed not "LIVE" but after preparing them with proper chemical and we see them in a non-living state.
  • In Live blood analysis we will be able to see the RBCs and WBCs live and moving around. It will be a beautiful scene to see our own microworld live which can throw light on many body parameters including the state of our immune system.
5 Mins Cardiovascular Status Analysis Test
  • 5 Mins Cardiovascular Test/Arterial Stiffness Index Analysis Test to detect Heart disease and stress level.
  • For many people, their first cardiovascular symptom is a heart attack or stroke. This is due to the fact that you cannot feel your arteries stiffen.
  • Now we can easily screen for the precursors to Heart Disease and other cardiovascular issues with an FDA approved, non-invasive 5-minute test as a vital part of Preventive Care.
  • This test uses an Infra-Red Sensor, attached to a machine, will analyze the pulse waves from the capillaries at the fingertip and using a special algorithm gives us information about the nature of the artery wall, the probable level of block inside the vessel, heart rate variability, nature of the Autonomic nervous system, arrhythmias and also the possible future risk factors.
  • Early detection of arterial wall stiffness, Biological age of arteries, Information regarding the efficacy of treatment choices and a tool to monitor the arterial wall response to lifestyle changes/reduction of cardiovascular risk factors.
Metabolic Blood Test
  • Metabolic Blood tests are a special group of tests that is not done as a routine test for diagnosis of Therapy resistant diseases.
  • This is neither part of the routine Master Health Checkups.
  • These group of tests are the main tests for the endocrine systems and hormonal profiles. It also contains tests that throw light on allergies, Intestinal permeability, Inflammatory markers, Cardiac markers, minerals, Biochemistry, antibodies and many more.
Pathogen Scanning (VIBA) Test
  • Pathogen Scanning Test (VIBA Scan) is a simple test done using a Swiss designed machine called F-Scan.
  • Our body harbours around 100 Trillion organisms in a healthy individual. Our body is not one life but a collective society of more than 100 trillion life forms.
  • This machine generates a specific range of frequencies through its Function Generator Mode and lists out the resonant frequencies which are captured by the machine as feedback and gives a printed report of what pathogens these frequencies match thereby giving an idea about the possible infection.
  • Though many organisms are harmless and help our body, many of them are pathogenic whose infectious nature and metabolic by-products are highly damaging to the body and are the cause of many chronic diseases.
  • After scanning using the same F-Scan the treatment frequencies can be delivered for a specific therapy time and the pathogenic bugs can be zapped.