Pathogen Scanning Test (VIBA Scan)

Pathogen Scanning Test (VIBA Scan) is a simple test done using a Swiss designed machine called F-Scan.

Our body harbours around 100 Trillion organisms in a healthy individual. Our body is not one life but a collective society of more than 100 trillion life forms.

This machine generates a specific range of frequencies through its Function Generator Mode and lists out the resonant frequencies which are captured by the machine as feedback and gives a printed report of what pathogens these frequencies match thereby giving an idea about the possible infection.

Though many organisms are harmless and help our body, many of them are pathogenic whose infectious nature and metabolic by-products are highly damaging to the body and are the cause of many chronic diseases.

After scanning using the same F-Scan the treatment frequencies can be delivered for a specific therapy time and the pathogenic bugs can be zapped.

Pathogen Scanning Test (VIBA Scan)

F-scan, a swiss designed frequency generator with specific capability and Algorithm to capture the resonant frequency used to scan and identify the Virus and Bacteria that are cause for many of the diseases.

F-scan, is a Contact Pad device based on the Rife's Resonance principle. It is something similar to calling a person by his name in the next room without seeing him. If he is there he will respond by saying yes. If he is not there there will be no response. The same is applied here where instead of the name the call is with a specific frequency. If the specific frequency resonates with the bug then the reply is captured by the machine and recorded and given as report.

If this captured frequency is sent into the body for a specific dwell time the bug starts vibrating and bursts similar to the bursting of a wine glass by a resonant shriller tone by a singer.

This is a very simple treatment but very effective as this does not have any side effect. This process is sometimes referred to as Electro biotic therapy.


What information can we get from Viba Scan test?

Viba Scan test gives us information about the types of organisms present in our body. It lists both pathogenic and Non pathogenic organisms.

Who can take this Test?

Every single individual can undergo this regardless of their health status to identify the and can identify the possible pathogens in the body and can get treated even before the disease manifests.

What is the duration of the Test and when will the Report be ready?
Test takes about 5 minutes to 10 minutes. The report can be generated immediately and treatment initiated.
How is this Test Done?

The test is done with the patient seated in a comfortable chair with an electrode attached to his Index finger and connected to an F-Scan machine. Then we start the scan which will take about 5 minutes to do what is called a DIRP analysis. This gives the different hits the machine receives and the hit frequencies are decoded and the organisms are listed in the report.

Can the Test diagnose a Disease?

It cannot diagnose an individual disease but we can understand the possible causes of the existing pathology to a greater extent which cannot be revealed with the conventional analysis.

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